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    Looking for a credible tattoo shop in Des Moines, IA to give you your first ink?

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  • About Our Des Moines, IA Tattoo Shop

    Featuring the best tattooists and artists in all of Iowa.

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    Custom Tattoos

    If you're looking to get something custom, you've come to the right tattoo parlor. Our team of experts can draw up unique pieces of art based on your ideas and will revise it until you love it. We're the only one in Des Moines, IA that has this guarantee.


    Whether this is is your first tattoo or not makes no difference. We've helped people with anywhere between 0 and 100 different tattoos come up with great original body art!

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    Cover-Up Tattoos

    If you've been to a bargain basement tattoo shop and you're wanting their work to be transformed into a beautiful piece of art, then we're your guys. Our tattoo artists are experts in cover-ups and we've never left a client unhappy.


    In fact, if for any reason a client has less than desirable results from our efforts, then we'll do whatever it takes to make the situation right.


    You know the old saying where the customer is always right? Well, we truly believe that and for one reason primarily. It's their tattoo and it's going to be on THEIR body for their entire life. They better like it!

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    Based on references, customer satisfaction, a stunning portfolio, and following best-practices in the industry, we've named someone our featured Des Moines, IA Tattoo Artist. See below for details.

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